How to style a modern country kitchen

Country kitchen’s are design with a rustic simplicity. The classic designs have a timeless appeal, aiming to create an inviting and cosy environment where you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Making use of natural materials and light colour schemes, the traditional style can be reproduced in your home using both contemporary and modern features.

Here are a few tips on how you can emulate the decor of a country kitchen:

Use natural materials and imagery to decorate

Take inspiration from old english cottages and farmhouses, with their charming, rustic look.

Nature inspired elements of design, such as floral drapings and wood cabinets, will make your house look homely and lived in; rather than cold and new.

For the modern home, with a country kitchen style, balance woods with other natural elements such as stone. Quartz or granite kitchen worktops are sturdy, beautiful and with various colour options, can easily be paired with your personal style.

Including flower arrangements, perhaps daisies or sunflowers, to complete the rural look and create a more welcoming atmosphere. Choose season flowers and replace regularly.

Combine light colour walls and units with darker counters

For a modern take on the country kitchen consider adding in aspects of colour contrast. Kitchen units, walls and floor in colourful or light tones can be juxtaposed with countertops in monochrome or dark shades.

For example, black granite worktops with wooden cabinets and units in pale reds, maroon or dark woods. Or white quartz worktops with cupboards and walls in cream, blossom pink or mint.

When deciding between granite and quartz stone, note that a matte finish to the granite countertops will seem more natural than a polished surface. Granite will feel more rustic, while quartz plays up a more modern version of a country kitchen.

Add kitchen islands or dinner tables for a family-oriented space

A central table is the heart of any country home. Its where the whole family gathers after a day or working to share a meal. A kitchen island uses this traditional sense of a communal dining space while adding great benefits with extra storage space within the island.

Alternatively, if you prefer lower chair seating over the bar stool and island set up, a large kitchen table can be paired with a breakfast bar. These can function dually as serving stations and for more informal, quick meals. They even be fitted with the same stone counters as your kitchen area.

Classic pendant lighting for an elegant country look

To maximize the light in your kitchen area opt for pendant lighting, a simple yet functional design that contributes to a pleasant environment after the sun goes down.

Soft ambient lighting is more considerate to the surrounding decor, complementing the rustic yet elegant look and enhancing the natural element of the kitchen design. Candle lighting for the kitchen table also provides a romantic setting, appealing to the nature-inspired look.

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