How to make black worktops work in your home

Black is a very chic and mysterious colour, but the darkness of the colour can put some off using it in their home decoration. However, black lends itself well to interior design when used sparingly, such as in your kitchen worktops.

By balancing the design of your kitchen with the various styles of black granite or quartz countertops available, you can create a sleek, sophisticated kitchen without making it seem sombre.

Use rich colours or monochrome for balance

Our black granite worktops are available in a range of intensities, with some of the black worktops being undercut with the natural silver and gray refractions of the stone. This can help you to match your granite with your home decorations, such as pearl or silver accents.

A great way to balance black worktops is to pair it with bright colours, such as maroon, plum or deep reds. By painting walls or cupboard units in these bold colours, the darkness of the worktop becomes less noticeable but still as enticing.

Alternatively, opt to create a counter to the black with white decorations, walls and units. Create a classic, monochrome look for your kitchen, drawing on the black worktops with black door handles or knobs.

Avoid fade with high quality worktops

One of the issues allied with black worktops is the fading of the dark color. This is because some companies attempt to create black worktops by dying their stone worktops.

However, at Modern Worktops we ensure your worktops remain black by only using high quality black granite and black quartz.

Starlight Black


A reliable surface with carefree maintenance

Any granite or quartz worktop you choose for your home will be a durable and stylish addition to your home. Easily cleaned and requiring very little maintenance; as chips and scratches are very rare, black worktops are perfectly suited to both modern and traditional homes.
At a touch of class and natural style to your home by choosing black worktops for your home, whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom or as part of a exterior barbeque area.

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