How to keep your kitchen worktops streak free

Quartz is an excellent choice of materials for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It offers the same strength and durability advantages as granite, while also being non-porous. This attribute makes it quartz worktops a more hygienic surface.

Kitchen worktops, such as granite and quartz, that are smooth and easy to wipe clean can be hard to keep free of stains and irritating water marks. But there are simple solutions:

Use a wet cloth to clean the surfaces

Use a wet cloth to wipe down your kitchen worktops. Unlike wood counters, quartz worktops won’t absorb the liquid spilled on them or used to clean them. Therefore, you can use a damp cloth, wet sponge or surface wipe to clean without fear of damaging the material.

Avoid harsh chemicals where you can

Modern Worktops advise not using any particularly harsh chemicals on any kitchen or bathroom quartz surface. While the surfaces are durable against shock damage, such as when accidentally dropping a mug or saucepan onto the worktop, harsh chemicals could damage it over time.

In an attempt to ensure the surface is clear of water marks or would-be stains, some users turn to strong chemicals that dry without leaving streaks. However, these chemicals often have a high acidity, such as Bar Keepers Friend, and so we would warn against using these.

Dry with another microfibre to avoid smear marks

Instead of using expensive or harmful chemicals, use microfibre cloths to get a streak and smear free finish for your kitchen worktops.

Whatever wet cloth or sponge you use to clean your surface to make sure it is sterile, you should then wipe down the surface with an already dry cloth. Microfibres are especially effective at eliminating unwanted marks thanks to minute fibres that buff the surface, collecting more water so none can be left behind as marks.

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