How To Create Space In Your Bathroom When You Remodel

The bathroom is typically one of smallest but most used rooms in any home. An efficient and functional bathroom is therefore a must. A well designed room with quality fixtures and fittings will also add value to the property.

When it’s time to do some remodelling and home improvement, it is worth taking some time to create a better and more comfortable area. Figure out what doesn’t work for you in the space, selecting specific areas for improvement. An aesthetic and architecture that is customised to your family’s needs or the market, if you intend to sell your home.

Most people desire a bigger bathroom. Where there is space for everyone ,including the dog, without feeling confined or claustrophobic. Although it can be difficult and expensive to accomplish, there are a few tricks and illusions for creating that extra space.

Stick to a white or neutral colour palette

If you want to add an elegant touch to your bathroom, use a paler shade of quartz or granite worktops colours, for example white mirror quartz. These can be paired with feature sinks in the same stone or a co-ordinating colour. Their lighter tones and glittery effects work perfectly in creating an open atmosphere and modern look.

A classic and timeless option, white colour schemes not only amplify small spaces but work perfectly with an array of shades without clashing. Neutral and pastel colours are also ideal for smaller areas. The bright shades reflect sunlight, increasing the perception of the bathroom space. Avoid dark colours and reds as they can be off-putting in an otherwise cool, refreshing environment

Mirror mirror on the wall, make this bathroom not look small

Including a mirror on the largest wall of a small bathroom can make the room appear much bigger. Consider placing a large mirror placed above the sink. This will also allow multiple  people to use it at the same time.

Bear in mind what will be seen in the mirror’s reflection when choosing its place. You must incorporate the nicest and most appealing elements of the bathroom, i.e. the view from the window or of a small picture on an opposite wall.

Alternatively two mirrors facing each other can also create the illusion of a never ending space.

Keep the storage space neatly organized, no overcrowding

Organisation is key when it comes to creating more space in your bathroom. Remodeling is the perfect time to ask yourself if you have enough or too much shelf and cupboard space.  Custom-fit units and shelves will allow you to make the most of the space you have.

For example, if you have a cupboard unit with a mirror on the front that invades too much space in the room. You can create space while keep the shelf storage by have a mirror flat against the wall and multiple smaller shelved around it or a long glass shelf at its base. Even tiny shelves are able to provide enough storage for toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoos and conditioners and deodorants.

Replace your bath with a corner shower unit

With limited space available, your bathroom fixtures should be meticulously analysed. Ask yourself, are they taking up too much space? A bathtub is perceived as an essential piece to many people but for many modern homes it is going out of style.

Shower units can easily free up more space in your bathroom. By taking out even a small bath and replacing it with a corner shower, you can create room for your laundry baskets or spare towels.

By making, smart and carefully thought out changes you can create space in your bathroom when you remodel without having to take it apart and start again. Remember to suit it to your style, actual usability and the maximise the space you actually have.

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