How the other half cook: styling a high end kitchen

Celebrity chefs have been wowing audiences with their stunning (studio/work) kitchens for years now, dominating daytime TV with fabulous meals in modern and magnificent kitchens. Certainly, these fall into the higher end category on home cooking, but what are the key elements that raise your average kitchen to expert heights?

Kitchen Gadgetry

According to Forbes, “On the luxury market, a kitchen fully loaded with the latest and greatest appliances and gadgets is a strong selling point.” And recently, Wayne Rooney spent £20,000 just on an oven for his kitchen.

While most of us can make do with hand blenders, frozen pastry and a little bit of instant, the high end kitchen wants to equip would-be chefs with ways to do it themselves. The Great British Bake Off kitchens are an excellent example of this, where else would you find a proving draw? Being able to create dedicated space for individual cooking tasks is a clear sign of a superior kitchen.

High end kitchen gadgetry means investing in everything, from blenders and juicers, to seriously sharp knives, water baths (used for cooking) and industrial size stock pots.

Curated Furnishings

But celebrity, and celebrity chef, kitchens aren’t just about the practical features. One way to invest in your kitchen is to curate your furnishings and appliances. Take a leaf out of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s book, and use some statement stools to make your kitchen fashion forward.

Stylish pieces are as much a part of high end as the tools within. Brands like SMEG have created signature appliances. Their fridges embody a retro style but with a refined modernity not unlike the latest pastel toned iPhones. It’s all about finding the right pieces for your style.

Bold choices

As property owners, we look at our kitchens as both our own, wanting to add that personal style touch, but also a financial investment for the future – resale value. But high end means making bold choices.

If you’re willing to take more drastic steps to get the kitchen of your dreams, you can go for a bold choice, like Lauren Conrad’s all white kitchen. Alternatively, selecting a focal colour, such as red, yellow or violet, in certain pieces for your kitchen, such as cupboard doors, plates or tiles, will exude a confidence, a pride, in your kitchen and its style.

Superior Materials

At the core of high end kitchens is a superior choice of materials. Whether it’s choosing chef grade carving knives, Le Creuset cookware or stone worktops, the materials say a lot about your kitchen.

Consider worktops: linoleum sheets say cheap, disposable, like you don’t care. By contrast, quartz worktops suggest you’re investing in a long term material, one that is beautiful, long lasting and superior – because it is non-porous and therefore more hygienic.

Wood counters imply, especially in an older house, possible remodelled, that you appreciate a natural material and are willing to put in the effort and time to take care of it- often wood worktops require re -sealing and varnishing regularly. Take Andie Macdowell’s rustic take in her tudor style kitchen which is as high end as star chef Curtis Stone’s more metallic, modern take.


So, it seems high end is in the details. Its the choices made that create a practically tooled up, unquietly styled and superior quality kitchen.

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