Guide: Caring For Your Granite Worktops

Granite is one of most sought-after materials for kitchen and bathroom worktops. The natural qualities of beauty, with it’s shiny and vibrant look, strong structure and durability, make it all the more desirable.

However, though it is easy to care for, it still requires a minimal amount of maintenance to ensure that it stays in top quality condition for years to come.

To avoid any damage or staining, you should follow these simple caring for your granite worktops tips.

Reseal your worktops at least once a year

A rule to always abide by when considering how you care for your granite worktops is you must reseal them at least once a year. Depending on usage, you may want to do this more than once but you shouldn’t need to apply sealant more than twice per calendar year.

Granite worktops have stain, scratch and heat resistant properties, as well as being waterproof when sealed. Regular maintenance helps these surfaces to keep these properties and puts off the effects of natural wearing.

Watch out for stagnant water build up!

As part of your regular home cleaning, you should be watching out for stagnant water build up in corners and edges. Like limescale buildup in your kettle or mildew on windowsills un-dried water can begin to accumulate dirt over time without you realising.

To avoid having to over scrub your surfaces, mix a few drops of soft detergent with warm water and apply it to the surface with a soft cloth. Get into the edges and make sure to dry all parts of the worktop with paper towels or a dry dishcloth.

Avoid abrasive chemicals that damage the sealant

Avoid using abrasive chemicals, such as industrial strength bleaches, and wire wool scrubbers. Not only can this undo your resealing, it could cause unsightly scratching of the upper surface.

Remove soaked in stains using special techniques

For grease stains use a poultice, a porous solid filled with solvent. This will allow you to remove any lingering grease marks in your granite worktops’ pores.

Fold several sheets of paper towel and dip them in acetone. Then cover the stain with the poultice and tape it down with plastic wrap and leave overnight. Lastly, remove the solution and wipe the surface with a clean, wet cloth.

In case of organic stains – such as fruit, coffee or tea – use a hydrogen peroxide solution.

Learning how to care for your granite worktops is essential for prolonging the counters lifespan and keeping them looking beautiful and shiny.

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