Why granite and quartz worktops are cheaper in the long run.

Time to install new worktops in the kitchen and not sure what to go for?

As a money conscious homeowner wanting to transform their kitchen with modern worktops, quartz or granite worktops may not be the cheapest options that come to mind.

Many associate granite and quartz worktops with being a somewhat luxury item in the kitchen. And it is. But it may be one of the few luxury items in this world that actually saves you a few pounds.

Granite and quartz and their anti-ageing features

With all the time spent in our kitchens it is perfectly logical to assume that our worktops won’t be in the exact same condition from the date of purchase to the next twenty years. Even if perfectly tended to, natural weathering and ageing is something that even we humans cannot control.

However, quartz and granite worktops are made out of an igneous rock that seems to fare the ageing and weathering process better than others.

Homeowners that are unaware of this may prefer to opt for what may appear to be cheaper alternatives to granite and quartz, such as sandstone and limestone.

This could in fact in the long run end up burning holes in their pockets. In comparison to granite and quartz, these alternatives are fairly fragile and are more porous than granite and quartz, making them more susceptible to damage from liquids and air.

Of course there are ways to combat such damage and the simple antidote to this would be to reseal your countertops frequently. Unfortunately, this route can be costly. In the long run you’ll be better off with a more durable less porous type of rock like granite or quartz, which wouldn’t require you to spend additional money on maintaining its upkeep.

Peace of mind when cutting, cleaning and cooking on your worktops

Arguably cooking and cleaning your kitchen is a task in itself. Why complicate things further by having to worry about damage to your kitchen worktops in the process?

In terms of practicality, having a granite or quartz worktop will give you peace of mind when navigating in your kitchen. Unlike cheaper alternatives, granite and quartz are pliable stones, making them better at heat protection and less vulnerable to scratches or stains.

Let’s face it – with all the chopping, frying, and harsh cleaning chemicals in your kitchen, this is a feature you’re sure to appreciate. If you stain or scratch other worktops which aren’t granite or quartz, you may just end up fishing out more money to repair, or worse replace them.

Who says expensive taste has to be expensive? If you want to save money and cook in style a quartz or granite worktop may just be your best bet.

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