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Granite and quartz can transform the look of your business

Due to the hard wearing nature of granite and quartz, they epitomize the idea of excellent quality. Granite and quartz can be used to add elegance and gravitas (not to mention longevity) to a range of spaces for practical or beautifying purposes.

From receptions and sideboards to the ground we walk on, the transformative effect of granite on a room is not to be ignored.

Here, we look at how these wonderful materials can be used as much more than granite worktops in business settings like hotels and offices.

The luxurious lobby

The impressive aesthetic of a granite or quartz reception desk is evocative of early 20th century glamour. Pair this with some wall panelling or some pillars and you will have a lobby dressed to impress is in this stunning material.

The lobby is the welcome centre for your business and the first thing a customer or guest sees upon entering.

Therefore, it has to look its best and your best should be impressive. Especially in the hotel industry, which is often synonymous with luxury and class at the top end of the scale, the investment in quartz or granite worktops and flooring can be an excellent way to translate that into the looks of your lobby.

Stone materials, such as granite and marble, will also stand the test of time. Your hotel or businesses timelessness and longevity will be reflected in the decor you choose. Materials that do not damage or become scuffed easily will also mean that your lobby retains it fresh, new appearance for longer.

Accenting a room

Use granite or quartz in a subtler way to accent a room with features such as splashbacks, subtle paneling or a feature granite topped desk. Think about the features in the room. Is there a built in coffee making facility that could be backed in jet black granite or glowing rose quartz?

Use the details of the room that could benefit from a splash of colour or a hard wearing surface, such as regularly used surfaces or striking ornaments.If you use these features sparingly they can bring a room together by tying together the stone elements of the room.

Wonderful wet rooms

Quartz is a non-porous material and can make for a stunning, jaw-dropping wet room. The glittering surface of the quartz can turn a simple shower into an experience.

This could work beautifully in conjunction with accenting a room. Match some small features to the quartz of the wet room and the bathroom will feel in sync with itself letting guests relax in the peaceful environment.

Pick out tones of shades in the stone to co-ordinate with towels and soaps in the room.

Flawless flooring

Finally, granite floor tiling allows for beautiful colours and patterns to be achieved in a large space.

If used with some imagination and interior design capabilities, it can become a subtle addition to a room rather than an outlandish statement.

Both granite and marble allow for a huge variation in colour and can be polished to a high shine that shouts quality and care – a motto your business probably wants to be communicating too.

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