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Heat Protection

Quartz and granite worktops are highly resistant materials and are great at withstanding knocks and scratches as well as heat to a certain extent. Although they are generally heat proof, being able to hold a hot pan for a short while or resist hot coffee stains for instance, this does not necessarily mean you should place hot items straight on to the surface for longer periods of time.


To prolong the life of your worktop we advise that you take care not to over-push its resistance to the limits. A solution to provide extra heat protection for your granite or quartz worktops is the use of hot rods.


You can purchase hot rod grids that are free to move around your kitchen easily and use where desired to place your pans or other hot items so they are not directly touching the work surface.


Another alternative is the use of self-adhesive hot rods, which can be stuck on to your worktop in a specific location. These provide the same protection as the hot rod grids but are not moveable.


If you are looking for any advice in choosing a heat protection solution feel free to contact us and we shall be happy to help you.


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