Choosing the right colour for your worktop

Interior design feeds into every fabric, material and colour choice you make in your home. Working harmoniously with the elements of the building, touching up with your personal style and making choices that will last longer than a whimsical week is key.

With a plethora of colours, shades and naturally occurring patterns found in granite and quartz, its easy to fall down the rabbit hole of opportunity. Before selecting the right colour for your worktop, consider its effect on the room.

We’ve compiled a sampling of four colours, the moods and feelings they invoke and what effect they will have on your kitchen and home design.

Clean cut simplicity with white quartz

Crystal Quartz White

Starting at the most affordable end of the spectrum, Modern Worktops knows that just because you want to save on cost, it doesn’t mean you’re willing to skimp on style. The affordable quartz range boasts a selection of basic patterns and styles that can easily be slotted into any home.

The Bianco Carrara is a white quartz worktop option that contains subtle black flecks and lines. This accessible and neat colour choice looks fresh, clean and neutral.

For those who are remodelling for rental purposes, white worktops gives the renter the impression of newness, as though they are moving into a new build with potential for their own stamp of style.

Black granite exudes luxury and boldness

Divinity Black

Despite the name, the Emerald Pearl granite colour is actually mostly black. The name comes from the flecks of pearlescent coloured and white stones crushed with the majority dark rock. The overall effect of the mashed bright and reflective elements, in contrast to the black, makes the worktop more complex and interesting to look at.

Working within your home, black granite, similar to white granite and quartz, can be confidently fitted into almost any home. The extremeness of shade means that it offsets and stands out against both wooden cabinets and colourful tiled walls.

Black suggests a sleekness and a level of luxury and expense. Though choosing a black quartz or granite worktop will not actually cost you more, it may improve the value of your home. This comes from the investment in the durability of the materials, as well as the superior appearance of such bold stone.

Give focus to a communal room with wild berry pinks


Modern Worktops Recife quartz is a vibrant, exciting pink coloured colour option. Unlike many of the most natural granite and quartz varieties, with a little man-made help and some lightening, amazing colours such as this can be achieved. They are used to add that burst of colour to your home that screams modernity.

As with the revival of 80s styles and colours in fashion, the use of striking elements of colour in interior design is having something of a revival. Brightly coloured pops of yellow and bold graphics grab attention and show your sophistication – when used correctly.

Though such an intense colour as the berry rich Recife worktop may seem like an extreme, in a kitchen with neutral furnishings it can give it focus. Consider using a coloured granite or quartz worktop for your breakfast island and clearly mark the central space in a room.

Country homes suit rustic and russet coloured

Juparana Sol

Choosing the right colour for your worktop should be innate, like knowing what styles and colours of clothes suit your personal style. You are drawn to certain colours and styles that you enjoy or which compliment you.

When remodelling your home and fitting a new worktop, you should look at your home the same way. You need to match or contrast the accents of your home and building.

For example, in a modern build, with white and glass walled apartments, you can add to the modernity with large, curved lamps, horizontal black and white shelving or open plan kitchen-lounge layouts.

In contrast, a country home could benefit from having the rustic, earthiness of its surroundings and classic red brick walls complemented with similar colours. Our Juparana Sol granite contains patches of sunset oranges and lighter sepia and charcoal sections. The contrast reminds onlookers of open fires, warmth and country living and creates a unique touch to your interior design.

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