How to choose kitchen colours with Feng Shui in mind

When designing your perfect kitchen, colour scheme will certainly be on your mind. However, as important as the aesthetic is to many people, for some the vibes are equally as fundamental.

Feng Shui is the Chinese thought system, art and science which governs spatial arrangement to encourage the flow of certain energies. When used in the home, it can create spaces for relaxation, socialising or remove points of stress. By making specific colour choices, you can change the energy in your home, and specifically, your kitchen

Here are 3 colour palettes to choose that will help you matching your own taste in home styling with the benefits of feng shui.

Coffee & Cream

Earth tones represent nourishment and stability in feng shui. In home decor this can be reflected in a classic palette of sandy browns and beige, going as light as pale creams and as dark as chocolate cookies. Choosing this tone in your kitchen encourages health and inner balance.

If cooking and food preparation is particularly important to you, using these colours will help you kitchen’s feng shui to support you and your culinary adventures.

Earthy colours can be applied to walls or furnishings. Similarly, materials in earth tones, like unvarnished wood tables or stone worktops will complement this palette. For example: our cappuccino quartz worktop pairs beautifully with cream walls and coffee coloured splashbacks or tiles.

Muted Pistachio

If you enjoy earth tones but feel like you want to spruce with a colour accent, consider combining wood elements with greens. Use of plants in the home, whether with flowers or herb boxes, in feng shui encourages wealth and prosperity.

Unsurprisingly green means growth, meaning that using it in your kitchen will reflect a sense of abundance and forward thinking. To avoid garish tones, choose decorations or paint colours in muted pistachio, deep avocado or dark moss.

Our Verde Ootare quartz worktop is an excellent choice for this colour scheme and can be paired with lighter shades to avoid you kitchen looking too dim or dark.

Peach & Apricot

The fire element in feng shui equates to passion and high energy, a benefit in a communal space like the kitchen where you want to enjoy familial company. While the reds typically associated with passion could be seen as best suited to bedrooms or home offices – creating drive in careers – the range of tones in this spectrum can work well in the kitchen.

You can make a bold statement with our Rosse Steline quartz worktop or look for a more subtle worktop colour such as Giallo Veneziano granite, and pair with brighter colours.

You can find a range of fresh, vibrant colours, without being garish, but mixing shades found in nature. Peaches and apricots combine softer, pinker shades of yellow and orange, with small accents in fiery reds.

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