Why Choose Granite Worktops

One of the first places to start for many people looking to give their kitchen facelift is the worktop – but where to start? What materials and styles would work for you? In this article, we lay out some of the reasons why we think granite worktops are an excellent choice.

-Their Look

A granite worktop’s natural stone look is an attractive one for many people. It immediately stands out, giving an impression of luxury and offering visual interest to an aspect of your kitchen that may normally get overlooked. The interesting colours, patterns and mottled look offer a rustic feel that catches the eye.

Of course, it is all a matter of taste and opinion. But the sheer variety of different colours and patterns available with granite is very difficult to ignore. From deep, dark black/blue colours to brighter gold, grey and white the range is remarkable. Whether you’re after a subtle worktop to blend in with your kitchen, or would rather something that stands out on its own, in all likelihood you’ll find something you like in granite. What’s more, every slab is unique. See a collection of available our available colours here. 

-Their durability

Most people are aware that granite is hard-wearing, but perhaps are not aware of the full extent of its durability. Consumer Reports magazine has tested granite, and found that it is all but impervious to heat, cuts and scratching – perfect for kitchen use. It’s true that it is possible to chip the corners, but it requires a huge amount of force to do so and it is repairable if it happens.

Granite worktops do need re-sealing from time-to-time, but not often. You can test whether you need to have your worktop re-sealed by putting a few drops of water on the granite near a sink or other high-use area. If the granite doesn’t need re-sealing, the water will stay in a bead. Typically, granite worktops may need re-sealing every 12 months but it varies widely.

-Their desirability

Granite worktops are still very much in demand, and this means good things for your house price if you have one. A survey by needaproperty.com, which was also published in The Times, found that a third of house buyers would offer more than the asking price on a property if it had a granite worktop, making it the second biggest property turn-on after a fitted kitchen. Kitchens are the most expensive room in the home, and they have a big impact on how potential buyers view your property.

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