5 kitchen interior design trends to watch out for in 2016

Here at Modern Worktops, we know how important design is when choosing a kitchen. Inspired by the trends of 2016, we have compiled our favorite design trends set for this year.

1. Mismatched cabinets

Choosing two tonal cabinets is the latest trend for 2016 and breaks away from the all-white kitchen. Contrast a lighter upper cupboard with a darker lower cupboard creates depth whilst creating a homely feel to the room. With this mix of colours, it’s best not to have an overpowering worktop, a barents quartz or zigana quartz would define your kitchen without detracting from the cabinets.

2. Black Stainless steel appliances

Shiny steel is out and black is in. Instead of mirrored silver, matte black taps, cupboard handles and fridges are the new sleek design trend for kitchens wanting that modern edge. Pair the dark steel with a crisp white Bianco Puro Arenastone worktop, but bear in mind, the darkness of the steel can make a kitchen seem smaller. If your kitchen is light and airy, and you want to create a more cosy feel, this design trend will fit perfectly.

3. Deep kitchen drawers

Yes, the time has come for more space. Deep filled drawers are here and they look amazing. Replacing lower cabinets with wooden drawers work better to create a more warm and cosy atmosphere. However, if you prefer a touch of modernity, jet black panelled drawers finished with Absolute Black granite creates a very pristine look.

4. Kitchens with raw materials

Moving away from the polished to perfection look, incorporate a piece of nature into your room and invest in raw materials. Rich River White granite worktops with brushed wooden cabinets, a thick border trim and stone floors encompass raw natural materials, which can be styled into the shape of the room. A stone floor is a particularly bold addition in a kitchen and quickly becomes the centrepiece of the room.

5. Different splashback and countertop pairings

Whilst there is nothing wrong with matching countertops and splashback pairings, the braver designers have started experimenting mixing varying materials. Try pairing a steel grey granite worktop with a coloured glass splashback. For a more rustic vibe, expose bricks to create a feature wall behind your countertop. Red brickwork looks bold against white cabinets and a caramello quartz countertop, whilst a whiter brick needs a lighter worktop, such as a Kashmir white granite.

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