3 alternative home uses for granite worktops

Bespoke kitchens are the dream.

With the addition of beautiful surfaces you can put the finishing touches to a kitchen or help overhaul a tired cooking area.

Granite worktops and quartz counters are practical yet stylish components for any home, so why limit them to the chopping and washing sides of one room?

At Modern Worktops we’ve selected three alternative uses for your quartz or granite worktops at home.

Create a breakfast bar or island dining table

Before you leave the kitchen behind while we explore other locations for quartz or granite worktops in your house, consider pairing your counters with a dining space.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where the family comes together for many meaningful shared experiences: from the parents and kids getting ready for a day at school or work, sitting down to breakfast together, to friends and housemates cooking up an evening meal together.

When refurbishing or refreshing your kitchen, you could of extend your granite worktops into a breakfast bar. Not only will the extension give you more room to prepare or serve food buffet style, you’ll also be adding an informal dining space.

This can also be done by adding an island that would come with the benefit of allowing you to create more storage options.

Use granite worktops for a summer barbecue area

As we head into the spring season, now is a good time to start making your summer plans. A unique outside preparation area will be invaluable if you want to be able to host your own garden parties or have regular barbecues .

Granite is longer lasting and therefore better in the long run than materials like wood. So if you have a patio or decking area in your garden, a granite worktop and brick wall preparation area will be a perfect addition. This can include a section for you to install a BBQ unit while offering plenty of catering space.

If you aren’t sure how to design your granite worktops for your summer barbecue area then you can consult one of our team at Modern Worktops on: 01992 449100 or 07842 555736.

Granite and quartz worktops are for bathrooms too

The word worktop tends to conjure up the idea of a surface that you are leaning, striking and cutting onto. But, in terms of our quartz or granite worktops range, this really means any counter top surface in your home.

For example, though kitchens are the most popular place for customers to want their Modern Worktops granite or quartz installations, a significant number also want them for their bathrooms.

Stone worktops in your bathroom immediately upgrades the look of the room to luxury hotel status. With or without matching sinks, the granite worktops in the bathroom can be fitted in the same way above existing units (as long as they are not degraded).

The advantage of granite and quartz worktops in bathrooms is that they are quick to clean, do not easily stain and can create a large space for toiletries and other bathroom sundries.

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