10 impressive applications of stone in modern construction

The use of natural stones in construction had its start thousands of years ago. Egypt was the first to utilize these resources, extracting blocks of limestone and syenite for the construction of pyramids and pharaohs tombs.

The Roman Empire built monuments, sculptures, runways with different types of ornamental rocks. Many of these works stand to this day, due to the durability and resistance of these materials.

Even though the use of stone has declined over the last century, it continues to be a significant part of civil engineering and modern construction.

Granite and quartz applications

One of the most notorious building stones, granite is commonly used for architectural foundations.  Due to its versatility and unique aesthetic, it has have found common usage  in commercial buildings, monuments and even sculptures.

Cut in different shapes and conveniently polished, this type of stone is applied in numerous types of modern construction, from balustrades or columns to fireplaces and kitchen worktops.

Indoors: Flooring, Sinks and Baths

Granite worktops and flooring are undeniably beautiful. Both provide a refined appearance to your home with granite’s natural shine and colour palette. Not only that but the infamous sound of heels on the stone floor speaks to its elegance and sense of refinement.

Nature inspired home decor has become increasingly popular over the last few years.

A stone bathtub gives a natural and organic appeal to any bathroom. An easy luxury, a granite tub will give your home an unique look, connecting you with mother nature in the chicest way possible.

Alternatively, a curvaceous shape bathroom sink has a captivating appeal, complementing a modern or minimalist approach to interior design. A minimalist zen style is captured with entrancing earthy tones.

For a more modern, nature inspired design, consider beautifully polished quartz sinks.  Their refined and elegant style is best exhibited when allied with squared stone basins and long taps, as found in higher rate hotels. The monochromatic look is timeless so pairings of soft white towels on the hard dark stone work well.

For a lounge room, a stone fireplace will look stunning and add value to your home. A rustic fireplace gives depth and personality to the surroundings with a distinguished appearance.

Like with granite worktops, a stone fireplace is easy to clean of soot and ash, leaving it like new after each fire.

Outdoor: Pools and Patios

For exteriors, where sunlight will encourage brighter shades of stone, white granite balusters classic and regal. Ideal for patios or outside seating areas, they can form a natural divide from a garden or lawn.

Stone pool coping is not only aesthetically appealing, but long lasting and non-slip. Combining sophistication with nature, the result is an eye-catching poolside with a smooth surface.

Every colour and tone can work in a pool setting, though lighter shades will make your pool appeal even more in the summer or when illuminated at night.

Granite or marble stones give a distinctive luxurious feel to your indoor or outdoor Jacuzzi. With entrancing natural colours and textures, stone Jacuzzi will look incredibly beautiful and fashionable.

With temperatures on the rise, enjoy outdoor cooking and barbecues with these granite BBQ counters. The natural beauty and effortless maintenance is perfect for your outdoor kitchen area.

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